List of PlayStation 4 free-to-play games

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The last 3 companies are the creator, the publisher and developer of the games related to the world of Pokémon, and are also linked from a financial point of view; Niantic, instead, is the specialist in augmented reality AR. Founded 2 years aculeo as a spin off of Google, it has developed the only other significant collective app based on geolocation and AR: Ingress. Since its launch in early July in Australia, USA and New Zealand Pokémon Go continued to grind international success becoming a real craze, an unprecedented ludic, economic and social phenomenon. Enough to double the value of Nintendo shares after only a few hours from its release, and to trigger research and comments by all the news media even before the game was released in Europe and other countries. Once the player has met the virtual creature, he will have to try and capture it using the touch screen of his smartphone to launch a Poké Ball. Poké Ball and other special tools can be found at Pokéstops, which can be everywhere, even throughout historical sites and monuments. Looking for Pokémons they socialize with real people. Yet this very peculiarity of the game — pushing people out into the street — has immediately triggered alarmism on the web and in newspapers, along with concerns about privacy and the security of smartphones.

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