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Maintaining its core functionality such as document, audit and corrective action management, the browser-based Q-Pulse 7 comes with powerful dashboard functionality for increased business intelligence and an intuitive user experience. Ian Hepworth, Ideagen's Chief Technology Officer, said: For any software product to remain at the top of the market for 25 years is an extraordinary achievement. To have one of our own reach that milestone is very special indeed and we are incredibly proud of this latest iteration. We have focussed on bringing data from all across the business to life through visually appealing and quickly consumable dashboards to ensure users can access information that is important to them quickly and easily. Since then, each version has expanded its capability to help Q-Pulse become a trusted solution for more than 2, organisations operating in some of the world's most regulated industries. George Hall, Ideagen's Product Manager for Q-Pulse, said: Q-Pulse helps organisations build a repository of business critical information that they can use to improve other processes.

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